Week in Review and a new unit!

by becky on October 19, 2011

Hi Everyone! Can you believe Halloween is almost here? I feel like just yesterday was the first day of school. This year is flying by! In some ways, thank GOODNESS. But, in other ways, I wish it would slow down. Anyway, last week was pretty busy as most 4-day weeks are, so I thought I’d share some of the projects my students completed last week.

In Social Studies, I’m wrapping up my Geography Unit. Oddly enough, I really enjoy teaching Geography. It’s a topic that students can relate to their everyday lives and over the years, I feel like I have collected some fun ideas to teach the different skills. One new idea that I used last week was using the book, Me on the Map. If you use Pinterest, then I know you’ve seen this. It’s all over the place. I saw the idea on several blogs, and was excited I could have my students create their own “Me on the Map” projects. If you aren’t familiar, this is what I did.

First, we read this book:

Then, I had the students cut out a different colored circle for each category:

  • Red-Me
  • Orange- My City
  • Yellow- My State
  • Green-My Region
  • Blue- My Country
  • Purple- My Continent
  • Pink- My Planet

They were given labels and pictures for each category and they needed to find the correct label and correct picture for each circle. They did a great job and EVERYONE labeled their pictures correctly. (thank goodness!)

Here is a picture of our finished board. They turned out so cute and I’m glad I tried it with my kiddos. They definitely enjoyed it, and it was a great way to wrap up my Regions overview.

Last week, in our Reading book, we read, Stealing Beauty. Our Skill was Fact/Opinion, and as a culminating project, I had the students complete a Chinese lantern where they identified which of the 12 statements were facts and which were opinions. The part about this year’s class that I REALLY love is that that when I tell them we are going to do a project, they all {mostly} get excited and really try their best to do a nice job. Here is a picture of our final projects. **Side-note** “I” think they look like Chinese paper lanterns, but my Para-pro said if I hadn’t told her what they were she would never have been able to tell. Sigh. I’m a little apprehensive about sharing the pictures, but I still think they are cute and maybe someone can offer a suggestion.

And a close-up of one of my little friend’s finished project:

In Common Core news, I decided that rather than try to reinvent the wheel, I would purchase Ashleigh’s version of the Common Core Learning Targets. I originally had big dreams to do them myself, but, to be honest, with all the new requirements, expectations, meetings, and deadlines, I don’t have it in me. And, why do it, when Ashleigh did such a great job. Here is a picture of my Learning Target board from last week. Eventually I will get around to Cricut-ing the word “TARGETS” for above the board, but for now, my three bulls-eyes will do. 🙂

In her AMAZING download, Ashleigh gives you three different “themes” for the subject boards, but I’m silly and want all my boards to match so I just whipped up my own.

And, last but, in my world, not least… I finished my weather unit that I’m happy to announce is available in my TpT store. If you are interested, here are all the goodies that I have created. I LOVE teaching weather, and had a great time putting this unit together.

Click {here} to visit my Teacher Pay Teachers store to have a look.

Thanks for stopping by! I can’t wait to share my Halloween Bulletin board that has been inspired by First Grade Blue Skies ADORABLE download. I love Ms. White’s creativity  and have been following her classroom blog for years! I am uber excited that she has started selling the templates to her projects. Honestly, I felt like it was Christmas when I found her store. 🙂

Happy Wednesday and have a great week!

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Jen October 20, 2011 at 12:48 am

LOVE the “Me on the Map” bulletin board! I’ve seen so many great ideas on pinterest about this, I’ve decided I’ve got to try it with my fifth/sixth graders this year – even the bigger kids still have trouble with this!

Runde’s Room


EmilyK October 20, 2011 at 1:23 am

I love Me on the Map. I do the same project but at the beginning of our geography unit. Good to hear someone else enjoys the project as much as I do!


Cameron December 27, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Becky I love your blog. I have spent the rainy morning reading a searching. I love your water cycle project. Is there anyway on TPT or on here I can buy just the water cycle part, we do not focus on the other parts in third grade in VA. Thanks so much!


Becky December 27, 2011 at 11:23 pm

Hi Cameron, Thanks so much for your comment. Give me a day or two and I’ll post that section of the weather unit on TpT. Have a great day!!! -Becky 🙂


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