Summer Accountability

by becky on June 4, 2018

Happy June! I know it’s a cliche but how many times have you heard this…

I hate to admit this, but after this particular school year, I fully agree with this statement. So, that being said, I really don’t see myself working on a whole lot of school related things until closer to school starting. Which at the moment, I don’t know the actual date. I know it’s early August, but I’m living my summer life right now, and I’ll worry about back to school later on-can anyone out there relate? 

But, just because I’m not letting myself think too much about school doesn’t mean I’m not going to be productive this summer. This post is my summer accountability. My plan is to make some home improvements that will make me happy and feel more comfortable with having friends over. So many of my people ask to have craft nights with me, and if I feel better about my house, it might actually happen.

I have two projects in mind and when it comes down to it, they aren’t really that hard, but they are just two chores I have had a hard time bringing myself to actually start.

#1-repainting my deck. I have lived in my current house for 5 summers and 3 of those summers I stained my deck. But after I watched all my hard work literally wash away, I took the last two summers off from redoing it. Therefore, I have been super embarassed by how it has looked and I avoided having friends over even though I have a beautiful pool that would make for fun summer afternoons. Not this summer-I’m going to try painting the deck rather than staining it. I’m hoping the color will last longer than a few months. I’ll take ANY suggestions on this process! 

Here’s the official “Before” of the current status of my deck:

It’s not the best picture because I’m so embarrassed by it… Lol. But, once it’s done, it will once again be my favorite place to be this summer. 🙂

Next up, is reorganizing my pantry. So, true story, I have never really organized my pantry. It just became the Monica Gellar closet that is seen by no one but me and my parents. It’s just my little secret. The ironic thing is I feel like I’m super organized and OCD, but just never gave this space much attention. No more. I have scoured YouTube videos and bought a bunch of storage containers from Dollar Tree/Target/Walmart and it WILL HAPPEN this summer.

This pains me to post, but here is the BEFORE of my pantry in it’s current glory…

That literally hurts… I can do this. I can do this. 😉

Anyone tackle this process recently? Have any suggestions??? I’ll take any advice you can offer! 

Okay, so those are my two “official” projects I plan to tackle. I have a few smaller ones that I already have started. I’ll post those soon-as in as soon as the paint dries.

What about all my fellow teachers out there? What home/school/life improvements do you have planned for this summer? I think when you put it out in the universe you are more likely to achieve them. Let me know below and we can help keep each other accountable! 

Happy June 4th-Make this your best summer yet!

I’ll be back soon with updates!


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Lori June 5, 2018 at 2:49 pm

I say just restain the deck especially if the boards are in good shape. I know staining it is a chore but painting is more expensive because it never covers as much area as they say, it will be hotter to walk on, you will end up with a solid surface (spaces between boards will get filled in because the paint is so thick) and then when it does rain you will have to push the water off somehow, and the biggest con is that it will probably peel in a year because it is a thick coat on a place that is constantly expanding and contracting. At least with staining you know it will take one day out of the summer to do and you are done. Also, I bet since you have your bins/storage containers you are going to use this will be a quicker fix than you think. If nothing fell out on top of you when you opened the doors to take the photo I don’t even think it qualifies as a Gellar closet.


Roy January 10, 2019 at 7:48 am

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DonaldEphet January 15, 2019 at 9:34 am



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