Snowflake Similes & Monday Made it!

by becky on February 3, 2015

Hello old friends! I never thought that it would honestly take me OVER a year to continue blogging. I’m just going to be honest, life got in the way. Nothing tragic, just a LOT of small things that became time consuming. That being said, I have a lot to share. First things first, I was offered a new position in a different school in my district. I went from 4th grade General Education to 2nd grade Challenge. It’s an accelerated program where the second graders skip a year’s worth of curriculum and learn 3rd grade Math and ELA standards. The funny part is that even though I’m at a completely different school, my old school feeds into my new one and I have quite a few families that I had the older brothers and sisters in 4th grade. Small small world!

Well, one of the new benefits to my position is incorporating the William and Mary Gifted ELA curriculum. It’s a 20ish day program meant to meet the needs of accelerated students. It is heavily influenced by poetry and figurative language devices. I’ve been introducing devices one at a time as we read and analyze various poems. I’ve been having the students add to their Language Interactive Notebooks from Nicole Shelby and as we learn a skill we add a page. I was going to do the same thing as we learned the figurative language devices, but I happened to find a flash freebie from Joey Udovich and knew it would be perfect for my students. The file is no longer free, but TOTALLY worth the purchase price.


To help my kiddos understand the meaning of the devices, I created the following posters to help them visualize their usage. So far, we’ve learned about Similes and Metaphors.


Then they would fill in the accompanying page in their flip books. 🙂


We did the same procedure for Metaphors.



The posters I have been using are available in my Teachers pay Teachers Store. There are actually two versions. One that matches the Reading Skills and Strategies posters that are one of my best selling products. The other version is the one shown in the pictures above. If you click on the pictures, you can check them out in my store. 🙂



Then, to apply their new-found knowledge of Similes, I wanted to have them create ADORABLE snowflake craft that I know you’ve seen on Pinterest. Look familiar? 🙂


I knew I wanted to use this project but I wanted to make sure I included some writing prompt or correlation to the CCSS. I decided to have them write Snowflake Similes. I found this super helpful graphic organizer from Scholastic.

snowflake similes

I really liked this idea but I knew it would be enough room for my kiddos. So, I created the following Rough Draft form and Final Draft stationary. If you click either picture below, you can download your own copy from GoogleDocs. 🙂



After they wrote their sloppy copies, we edited their work, and then they wrote their final drafts. Here are a few of their finished projects. SOOOO cute! 🙂




Now, onto the non-teaching related part of this post. 🙂 I have ALWAYS loved Tara’s Monday Made-its. I had a bunch of projects I made over the summer, but yeah, those didn’t get posted. Oh well, just more do to this summer! Anyway, I just love getting great ideas from her link ups.

Monday Made It 1

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen what I’m about to post. So, in the winter I get a little stir crazy. Well, this winter is no different. To beat the winter blues, I craft. Alot. Last year, I made a ton of decorated picture frames. This year it’s all about the wreaths. I have forever drooled over the beautiful burlap wreaths you can buy on Etsy. But, I have a hard time buying something I know I can make myself. So, for months weeks I read every tutorial I could find on how to make my own. Thing is, sometimes I just need to see it. Then, I can play with it and adjust to my liking. I found this tutorial on YouTube. It’s honestly one of the shortest I’ve seen, but I was able to “get it” and then the fun began. Here’s the video.

Here’s an overview for one of my Valentine Wreaths. 🙂


What you’ll need:

12-inch wire wreath (Hobby Lobby $2.99)

30 feet of burlap (2-15 ft rolls-Walmart $3.49 each)

Heart Embellishments- Prices Vary (Walmart $4.99)

Ribbon to hang

Not Shown: Pliers, Glue Gun 😉

So, I realize I never took any action shots of looping the wreath-duh! Sorry, about that. But let’s pretend you have your wreath looped (watch the link above) and then I tweaked the hearts. Since you could totally just attach the 3 hearts as it, you don’t have to take this step. I was having a very hard time finding wood hearts because everything was picked over by January 15th. So, when I found these hearts at Walmart I knew I could make them work.

Here’s where you need the pliers: Just pull apart the wire from the hearts. Yes, it leaves a little hole but once it’s attached to the wreath you really can’t see it.


Now I have 3 usable hearts. 🙂

Basically, the last two steps are SUPER easy. Glue the hearts along the side of your wreath and then tie your ribbon. You can do as much or as little in terms of embellishments. Here are the 4 wreaths I made over the past few weeks.

This one is for my Mom. 🙂




This one is for my door. 🙂

This one is for my neighbors. 🙂


And, this one is for my classroom. 🙂


I totally did not go out today when the roads were bad and buy more wreaths. Nope, not me. Never. 😉

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying 2015. I promise I’ll be back soon!


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melissa February 7, 2015 at 4:56 pm

I am so happy to see this blog post and love everything you wrote about! Especially the wreaths! 🙂


Jennifer February 9, 2015 at 2:47 pm

I love your figurative speech posters. They are adorable!

Elementary School Garden


Mrs. Wiley February 10, 2015 at 4:16 am

I love your snowflake similes. They are just too cute with their little teeth and curly or wavy hair. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

Mrs. Wiley
@ Wiley Teaching


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