How to create your own “To Do” List

by becky on July 18, 2012

Hi Friends! Color me flattered, because I have been getting a bunch of emails about how I made my to do list:

Well, I’ve typed up step by step directions as to how YOU can make your own. The only caveat is that in order to follow my steps, you need to have the latest version of Microsoft Word. Yes, you can do this in the old version :)! Yes, you can do this in Publisher :)! Yes, you can do this in PowerPoint :)! But, I thought the easiest way to explain this was to use Word. Most teachers have experience in Word and therefore I’m hoping this makes sense. One more thing. PLEASE understand that I’ve never step by stepped before. I explained this the way “I” would want it explained. There are for sure shortcuts (which I do use) but for this purpose, I wanted to keep it as basic as possible. You ready? Okay… here you go!!!!


  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Click “Insert” and “Shape”. Find the rectangle shape and draw your rectangle. Don’t worry at this point about size. We will change that soon.
  3. Now, to change the background of your rectangle (my default is blue). Click anywhere on the rectangle and then at the top of your screen you should see “Drawing Tools”. Click on that to open those options. Click on “Shape Fill”.
  4. Then click on “Picture”. You should have some type of background saved on your computer. Click on the background or digital paper and your rectangle should now have a new look.
  5.  This is where I use a digital paper I have on file. Some AWESOME sites with adorable and totally reasonably priced papers are: Digital Bake Shop, Dreamlike Magic Designs
  6. To make your shape the size you want, right click anywhere on your rectangle, click on “More Layout Options”. Then choose the “Size” tab. Adjust your shape to the size you want. I made mine 7 x 5.
  7. Now, let’s change the outline. Click anywhere on your shape, then click on “Drawing Tools” at the top of your screen.
  8. Click on “Shape Outline”. You can either make it a color or click on “no outline”.
  9. Okay, now time for the heading(s). Click on “Insert” and then click “Text Box”.
  10. Click: “Draw Text Box”. Then draw it as wide and long as you want. Don’t worry about the white background. You will change that soon.
  11. Type in whatever you like, center it, and change the font(s) to your liking.
  12. Now we are going to edit the text box. Click anywhere on your text box, then, go back up to the top of your screen and click on “Drawing Tools”.
  13. Click: “Shape Fill”, then click “No fill”.
  14. Do the same for “Shape Outline”. “No Outline”. Your header should be without a background and no box outline. J
  15. Now for the check off boxes… Click on “Insert”, “Shapes”, and choose the rectangle again. Draw a square to your liking.
  16. Draw as many squares as you want check offs. I like to copy one square and paste it so that they are all exactly the same.
  17. If your box is blue, no worries. Click on “Drawing Tools”. Then click on “Shape fill”. Choose a color. Then, click on “Shape Outline”. Look at your options. Not only can you change the color, but you can change the weight (how thick it looks) and you can make it dashes, dots, etc. Play with it. Be brave! J
  18. Do you have several boxes that are the color and outline you want? Okay, last step (easy) is to draw the lines for your list.
  19. Click on “Insert” and “Shapes”. You will see one of the first three shapes should be a line. Go ahead and click on the line.
  20. Extend your line as long/short as you like. It will most likely be blue and thin. You will change it soon. I like to copy/paste the lines so they are exactly the same.
  21. Do you remember how to change the color? J Make sure you click on the line with your mouse. Then, go back up to the top of your screen. Click “Drawing tools”. This time, your only choice is shape outline. Just like the boxes, you can change the weight and color. Go for it.

Did it work? Do you have a finished To Do list???? Let me know!!! Good Luck and start creating!

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melissa July 25, 2012 at 2:17 am

Ahhh!!!! I am dying! I just saw your new pic of Lillie at the top right hand corner—-LOL!!!! 🙂 Too funny! If you have any extra frames and still are itching to make another one…I would love a to do list 🙂
Just kidding! (Kind of!)
🙂 Melissa


Kate July 27, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Hi Becky!! I just found your blog on and am SO glad I found you! Wish I had been following you sooner! I love your room design and classroom ideas! {Your blog design is adorable, too} I just downloaded all of your Knock it Off games on TPT… how fun! I am now following you on here and on Facebook! Can’t wait to read more!

EduKate and Inspire


becky July 27, 2012 at 6:01 pm

Hi Kate! You are too sweet! I’m go glad you were able to find some good ideas. Keep visiting! Becky 🙂


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