Fall Fact and Opinions (Part 2)

by becky on November 16, 2015

Hello, friends! Well, in my last post I said I be back “tomorrow” to talk about my scope and sequence of my plans. Well, tomorrow turned into 2 whole weeks. Whoopsie. Man, life just got busy. I had conferences, Veterans Day, progress reports, and two new students that pretty much engulfed the last two weeks of my life. But, alas, that’s the life of a teacher. 🙂 So, let’s just get to the good stuff.

Once I was happy with the project ideas, I planned out the scope of the lessons. This is a quick breakdown of my plan.

Day 1: Introduce topics, Assign groups, Read to Self

Day 2: Read with a partner identifying 3 things they learned, 2 important facts, and 1 question they still have about their topic.

Day 3: Fact/Opinion Interactive Notebook, Fact/Opinion Task Cards for their assigned topic

Day 4: Identify 5 facts and create 5 opinions about their topic

Day 5: Choose their 3 favorite facts and opinions to write on their final drafts

Day 6: Project day/Put it all together. 🙂

For the first part of this mini unit, I created informational texts for each of the topics. They ended up being leveled nicely for four groups with varying reading levels. My lowest group learned about apples. My low/medium group learned about pumpkins, my medium/high group learned about bats, and my highest group had spiders. In the beginning, some friends groaned because they were not allowed to pick their own topic, but I explained that we don’t always get what we want, but we will get what we need. Yeah, they still pouted. #reallifeasateacher

On Day 1, after I assigned my students topics, they were instructed to read their selection 2 times to themselves. Then they were asked to put a star by 3 things they learned or found interesting. (We are still working on  learning Close Reading annotations) Most did this easily as the text was “just right” for them. While some groups met with me to discuss their reading, the other students read independently and wrote reflections in their journals after they finished their assignment.

On Day 2, I paired the students up with a partner with the same topic, and had them read their text for the 3rd time with their partner.


Then, together they filled in a 3-2-1 graphic organizer. They were instructed to identify 3 things they learned, 2 important facts, and 1 question they still have about their topic.


On Day 3, I wanted to discuss Facts and Opinions. We had been working sporadically on this for several weeks, but I decided it was time to take notes and do some practice as a whole class. I made up a seasonally appropriate Interactive Notebook entry where they needed to sort the statements into the correct category and then glue them into their notebooks.

Fact and Opinion IN

I cheated and printed mine in color because I didn’t have time to color. It’s sad though, because honestly, I enjoy coloring-ha. The kiddos happily colored theirs, sorted them, and then after we went over the answers as a class, they glued them in their notebooks.

After they finished their Interactive Notebooks, I broke them up into small groups for some Fact and Opinion practice with their topics. Luckily, I found Fact and Opinion task cards on Teachers Pay Teachers so I was able to keep them learning about their assigned topics. If you are interested, the files I used are all listed below. Click on each picture to visit the seller’s store.

For my Apples, I bought this file from Adventures in Kinder and Beyond


For my Pumpkins, I bought this file from Lifelong Learning


For my bats, I bought this file from All Y’all Need


And, for my Spiders, I used this FREE file from Teacher’s Clubhouse!


The kiddos really enjoyed this and worked so hard with their groups. I enjoyed seeing them engaged in their learning.

On Day 4, I instructed the students to take out their assigned text, their 3-2-1 sheet, and any extra notes they had taken on their topic. Now, they were asked to write 5 facts and create 5 opinions about their topics.

They peer edited their spelling with a buddy from the same group. For homework, they took their facts and opinions home, shared with their families what they had learned, and asked an adult to edit and revise their statements.


Day 5 was the project day, but sadly I had to miss it for an IEP meeting. But, luckily when I came back they were all completed and almost all were done correctly-ha. Gotta love kiddos who just want to be independent. It makes my OCDness crazy, but I do respect their feelings.

After their projects were done, the last step they had to complete was to pick their top 3 favorite facts and their top 3 favorite opinions. They filled in their final draft, colored the border, and put it all together!

Slide5And here they are~all ready for Fall (and Parent/Teacher Conferences)




I hope I was able to give you some ideas or inspiration for your class. If you would like your own copy of my Interactive Notebook page, the 3-2-1 Graphic Organizer, my Fact and Opinion Sloppy copies, and the final draft sheet, click the picture below to download your own copy.

free button


I hope you have a great night/day/week! I’ll be back soon!


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Brianna October 10, 2016 at 1:14 am


I love your fact and opinion activity! I was just curious what text you had the students read about their assigned topic. I want to make sure I use something appropriate for the activity!



Christal January 3, 2017 at 8:35 pm

Hello! I love the purple shelving you are using for books (and your rugs!). Where did you find those?
PS love this activity!


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