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Back to School ideas (rerun)

July 30, 2012

Hi, everyone! Well, it must be nearing August, because this teacher officially can’t sleep. Why does this still happen??? This will be my tenth year teaching. The same grade. In the same school. In the same room. Why do I still fret myself so much? I am literally sitting here right now with a pit in my […]

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Procedures mean nothing without Practice

October 12, 2011

Hi everyone! Yes, I’m alive. I can’t believe how busy I’ve been over the past week. I don’t know about anyone else out in blog land, but I feel like last week was meeting crazy. Between team meetings, RtI meetings, Leadership meetings, and Special Education meetings, I couldn’t take one.more.meeting. I felt like I made […]

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Classroom Scavenger Hunt

August 13, 2011

So, instead of enjoying one of my last weekends of freedom in my pool, I have been working on back to school activities. Why? Oh yeah, because it’s POURING outside. Dear Summer, please don’t end. The good news is, I’ve been creating some new activities to use the first week of school. In my district, […]

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