A much overdue THANK YOU!

by becky on September 26, 2011

I wanted to send a quick shout out to three great bloggers who recently nominated me for various awards. First of all, you all rock! Secondly, when I started this blog back in July, I was wondering if/how people would find out about me. To know that the three of  you ladies have visited my page and felt I was deserving of these awards means more to me than you know. In a career that we all know can be less than appreciative than times, its amazing how far a little positive feedback goes. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Liz, Abby,  and Mrs. D  for the honor and awards! 🙂

Make sure you check these ladies out! Funny enough, Abby posted a question recently that I JUST was asking Melissa about. Too funny! Great minds! Take a minute and check out the adorable apple cupcakes Liz blogged about finding on Pinterest. Too stinkin cute!!! And take a look at these ADORABLE math munchers that Mrs. D is using in her class. Ideas like these are when I feel a little sad that I don’t teach primary! 🙂

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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