Fraction Fun with Turkeys! {freebie}

by becky on November 16, 2011

Hi, Everyone! So, how many of you went out over the weekend to buy the LAST installment of Harry Potter for your collection? Oh, wait, only me? I can’t help it, I love that series. It’s so sad that it’s over. :(

In other news, this week my Goobers (MAJOR term of endearment in my classroom) and I are starting Fractions. I can feel the gray hair coming on. :) So, to lessen the blow, I wanted to create a fun but meaningful introduction activity to Fractions and I decided to tie in some of my favorite fall literature as well. How did I do that? Well, first we read my FAVORITE Thanksgiving story:

Then, we created these cuties.

My Example: 

A Student example :)

Another cute Student example! :) I love how each one turned out so differently.

I was inspired by Cara’s “Fractionpillar”

If you’d like to create some Fraction Turkeys with your own class, click on the picture below and download your own copy for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Get excited for Math Wall Skill Posters Set 2! They are almost ready to be posted!!!

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