A Week of Rewards

by becky on February 16, 2013

Hi, Everyone! I can’t believe it is already February. Time is seriously flying in my classroom. This past week was a week of rewards in my classroom. As a whole group behavior incentive, I do Behavior Bingo in my classroom. If you are not familiar with Behavior Bingo, it’s super easy and really effective. Basically, you make a bingo chart. The more numbers you use, the longer it takes for students to earn a bingo. Then, set up a list of ways for your students to earn numbers towards their bingo board. I have an example below of the list I use in my classroom. Then, as the class earns numbers, pull them out of a bucket or baggie and cross them off your board. When they get a bingo, they earn a class reward. In my class, I had the students set the rewards they wanted to work towards. Then, after they earn all their rewards, clear your board, set new rewards and start over again. It is so much fun for them and super easy maintenance for the teacher. Below are the examples I use in my classroom.

 This is my class’s Teamwork Bingo Board.

As they earn numbers, use a Vis-a-vis marker to cross them off.

 These are the numbers I cut out and place in a bucket.

I pull them out of the bucket at random when the class earns their numbers.

 This is the list of ways they can earn numbers and how many numbers they can earn for each.

 This is the list of rewards they are working towards.

I’ve seen some teachers make as many as 10 designated bingo rewards. It’s totally teacher preference.

 Here is how I display the class bingo board and rewards.

I use it in “dead space” on my whiteboard.

Pretty much we have been working towards our Bingos since after Winter Break. They did earn their first 2 reward about two weeks ago. Well, last week, they were earned the remaining 3 rewards. I decided that instead of spreading the rewards out over a few weeks, I’d just make this past week a week of rewards. I knew the week was already going to be insane because of Valentine’s Day, so I figured, why not just disrupt one week instead of dipping into the next few weeks. In order to prepare the parents, I sent the following note home on Monday… 

I ended up condensing the dance party and the Valentine’s Day party, because they were already hyped up and once I turned the music on they went wild with their “dance” moves. They didn’t even question it when I told them that counted as their reward. The truth is, I knew we needed to get A LOT of work done on Friday, and I really needed them focused. Plus, they were way crazy this week anyway and I warned them several times that if they didn’t start making better choices, I might have to take a reward away. I didn’t want to have to do it, but OMG, between Valentine’s Day and horrible indoor recess,  it was an incredibly off task week. Luckily, everyone had a great time, enjoyed their rewards, and went home on Friday exhausted. Teacher included ;)

 Next week we will clear our board, vote on new rewards, and start earning numbers again. Let me know if you have any suggestions and/or questions about my Teamwork Bingo. I’m always looking for new inspiration.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share a great President’s Day writing activity my students completed recently.

Till then, happy Saturday!!!

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