Rockin’ New Year’s Resolutions (freebie) :)

by becky on December 31, 2012

Hi Again! I know everyone is getting ready to ring in the new year, so I’ll make this quick. :) If you are looking for a fun way to have your students set some goals for the new year, then my newest Teachers Pay Teachers item is for you… I decided that this year, Team Furlan would ring in the new year like rock stars. So, on the last day of school before break, I read my goobers my tried and true New Year’s Resolution book.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know. This one is cute, but it’s definitely pushing it for 4th graders. :)

Then, I had the class take out their white boards and create their own resolutions for 2013. The only “rule” I gave them was they had to set a school and home resolution. Once they checked in with me, I let them gather materials for their project. Again, the only “rule” was they couldn’t choose all parts the same color. I wanted them colorful. :) Funny story: On the way back to their desks, two of my Goobers were commenting on how bright the projects were. Then one made the comment, “Are you surprised? Have you seen our classroom?” LOL!!!! I love these kids!

One major bummer: I didn’t take a picture of the final hallway design. Grr. It looked super cute! I think I was just so ready to be on vacation, that I flaked on the picture. Anyway, here are two examples that made. I will post the hallway picture after I go back to work because it’s super fun and bright. Til then, here’s my example…

If you want to have your own class create some Rockin’ Resolutions of their own, click on the cover below and download your own copy for free. Consider it my New Year’s gift to you! :)

Have fun and be safe!

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